Carlos Colín: “Embroideries” & Z’otz* Collective: “Mulling over the Scenery”

Carlos Colín: “Embroideries” & Z’otz* Collective: “Mulling over the Scenery”

Arnica Artist RUn Centre (AARC)

September 15 – October 27, 2018

The Z’otz* Collective (Nahúm Flores, Erik Jerezano, Ilyana Martínez) examine Latin American immigrant experiences of displacement, transition and transformation, inviting community to participate in the generation of new stories. Z’otz* Collective works as an intuitive symbiotic unit who will create an ephemeral drawing installation in Arnica along with the exhibition of works on paper and terra cotta sculptures in found nichos. They are intrigued by the idea of a niche as a space “in which to nest”, a place to incubate, collect, investigate, and share stories. The three-day installation and their proposed half-day workshop seek to include community members in the process of creation, through discussion and collecting found objects for the gallery installation and, secondly, in the workshop to explore cultural hybridity and collaborative myth re-making.

Z’otz* is the Mayan word for “bat”

As a Latin American artist living and working in Vancouver, and an interdisciplinary PhD candidate at UBC, Carlos Colín’s research is about how “art” can create links between Latin American societies and their diasporas, mostly in relation to Mexico. Colín seeks to connect the core cultural, theoretical, political, religious, artistic manifestations of baroque as a colonial legacy in contemporary Mexico, and by extension, Latin America, and investigates how artists use local knowledge, realities, and histories in social movements, struggles, resistances and subversions as new expressions of social and cultural progress using language as knowledge. One of the goals of his research is to encourage new generations in Latin America, Canada, and abroad to be exposed to Latin American theories, culture, and knowledge in order to better understand and value the wealth and diversity of Mexico and Latin America as a region.


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