Interview and Studio Visit / Curated Tastes and VLACC

Interview and Studio Visit / Curated Tastes and VLACC

Trascendiendo Fronteras:
Exploring migration through visual art | Live Interview and Studio Visit with Carlos Colín

The act of moving from one place to another whether seasonally or indefinitely is an act that unites animals and humans alike. The complex and natural phenomenon of migration unifies us despite our differences. What does it mean to be Latin outside our countries of origin? Why do we seek to homogenize and exoticize the Latin identity when in reality Latin America is a vast, diverse and complex group of territories and cultures?
It is undeniable that this constant movement has defined our human experience as Latins in Vancouver. The series of live interviews and virtual studio visits “Trascendiendo Fronteras: exploring migration through art” seeks to introduce 4 different viewpoints on migration through the artworks of Vancouver based artists Pilar Mehlis, Guadalupe Martinez, Carlos Colín and Teo Monsalve. Tune in, to virtually meet the artists in their studio and see how they have responded to these universal questions with their practice.


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