Silencio, Fuego, Palabra, Vida – Interference Archive. New York

Silencio, Fuego, Palabra, Vida – Interference Archive. New York

Almost 30 years have passed since the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) took up arms against the Mexican federal government in 1994. The Zapatistas, as they are more commonly known, are an autonomous group based in Chiapas, Mexico that control much of the territory in Chiapas today. From the founding of the EZLN in 1983, to the mobilization of 40,000 people across Chiapas in 2012, to the present delegation touring Europe, the Zapatistas have cemented themselves in the history of world leftist organizations as an example of what resistance against violence and state hegemony can be like.

The Zapatistas are an amorphous organization that has introduced many crucial organizational strategies including the practice of non-hierarchical direct democracy, anti-institutionality, maintaining anonymity by individuals covering their faces and the construction of relational organizational strategies that have inspired many other liberation movements around the world.

In 2022 it is clear that the tactics of the Zapatistas have helped shape our movement’s struggles like the co-leadership practices of Black Lives Matter or even our own horizontal structure at Interference Archive.

Today, prints of balaclavas, snails and other imagery on display here have become iconic and help us reflect on the original position of the Zapatistas against the economic, political and cultural violence sanctioned by the Nation-State.

As we prepare to commemorate another anniversary of the 1994 uprising and 530 years of anti-colonial resistance, we invite you to reflect on the struggle and strength of the Zapatistas and participate in this exhibition curated by Edén Bastida Kullick’s Itinerant Zapatista Graphic Archive and Interference Archive. The posters, stickers, flyers, and original works of art that make up the Itinerant Zapatista Graphic Archive range from the founding of the EZLN to its present influences and Bastida Kullick continues to maintain and grow the collection in his habitual itinerancy.

Thank you to the participating artists / Gracias a los/las artistas participantes: Abajo, Acaro, Aler, Aluche, Antonio Ramírez, ASARO, Beatriz Aurora, Beta, Brigada Cultural Subversiva, Carlos Alberto Jiménez, Carlos Colín, Caro, Cráter Invertido, Dasha Chernysheba, Dygnojoch, Edén Bastida Kullick, Eduardo Juárez, Efraín Herrera, El Dante, Elizabeth Barreto, Escuela de Cultura Popular Martires del 68, Esto es un libro, Foro Alicia (Andrés Ramírez), Grabiel, Gran OM, Isk, Iván Franco, Jana Anna, Josué Vázquez, Jorge Balleza, Margarita Sada, Monserrat Blanco, Panin, Pedro Zeuqram, Sergio Valdez, Sheila, Taller Gráfica de Lucha, Taller Leñateros, Vloque, Xuty, Yutsil, and / y Zamer.


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